Throwback Thursday: Our First Date

Thursday, October 13, 2016

It’s been over four years since George took me on the most surprising, thoughtful, epic first date. And because it’s weird to blog about a first date when it happens because then maybe that first date would be freaked out and wouldn’t want to become your husband, I’ve never blogged about it!

Today, George just happens to be wearing the same shirt he wore on that date, so I figured now would be as good a time as ever.

George and I met while getting our respective master’s degrees at Goldsmiths College in London. George planned our first date as one surprise after the other – I had absolutely no idea what we were doing.

We started out by stopping at a corner store to get something that George said we would need for the first part of our date. He wouldn’t let me see what it was because he was paranoid that if I knew what he bought, I’d know what we were doing. He bought peanuts. We were going to feed squirrels. How in the world would I EVER have guessed that?

So, we continued walking to Greenwich Park, where said squirrels were awaiting us to feed them – and after walking all around trying to find an entrance that wasn’t blocked off by London 2012 Olympics shenanigans, we finally got to the spot. These squirrels in Greenwich Park are unbelieveable tame – they’ll sit on your lap if you feed them, so we spent a while naming the squirrels and doling out peanuts.

After the squirrels had gotten their fill (I mean, not really because we probably could have sat there all day feeding them), George went to change and we took transit to a little Italian restaurant near Baker Street called Anacapri. George has a long story about why we went there, but the owner was the most welcoming man. We sat outside at a little table and after dinner he brought us limoncello (twice- instead of bringing the check) and sang us Italian love songs.

After dinner we wandered around near Tower Bridge, which is our favorite London landmark. Like to the point we get actually upset when it gets blown up in action movies.

I had no idea when taking pictures that night that the man in the photos would become my husband. So, thank you, London Ruth, for obsessively documenting things on your little digital camera.


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