A Newlywed’s Guide to Grocery Budgets


Thursday, October 27, 2016

When George and I first started living together, we definitely had to adjust our grocery spending and eating habits. George had to learn to live without milk (oops, lactose intolerant partner over here), and I had to learn to always keep Sriracha in the fridge. Plus, we’ve tried a lot of different eating habits (diets, you might say), and now we’re pretty much a groove of what we buy every week. Here’s how we keep grocery costs down in the Drake Reveal household.

  1. Produce: When we go to the grocery, we buy mostly produce. We try to stay in season, but we have a couple of go-tos that we always buy. We’ve discovered quite a few different ways to cook broccoli and zucchini, so those are always on our list. That way, when we need an easy side dish, we always have them on hand.
  2. Make from scratch: We try to make a lot of things from scratch. If we make it, at least we know what’s in it right? Plus, with my lactose intolerance, making stuff from scratch ensures that I can use dairy-free milk alternatives. We made dairy free cream of chicken soup a few weeks ago, and it worked so well! We have a few extra cans now in our freezer, so we won’t have to buy that anytime soon. Some other things we make include: taco seasoning (waaay better and not as much salt!), hot chocolate mix (cocoa, sugar, and a pinch of salt, so easy!), breads, jams/jellies.
  3. Raid the pantry: When we don’t know what to eat, we sometimes put what we have on hand into this website that gives you recipes based on what you already have. This is an efficient way to use what you have and avoid making recipes with 20 different ingredients you need to buy.
  4. Dairy & Bread: Okay – this is a hard one because it’s a little unique to us. We hardly ever buy dairy or bread at the grocery. A lot of our weekly recipes are based on Paleo or Whole30 recipes, so there’s really no need. Plus, if I buy bread, I will literally eat it all, so it helps with my self-control. These are two huge things for our budget because they’re so perishable – if we had to buy milk and bread every week, it’d definitely increase our spending.
  5. Set Challenges: A couple of days ago I posted on Instagram that we set a little grocery challenge for ourselves. If we got our receipt under a certain amount, we could splurge on some 5 for $5 cookies. We did it! Setting challenges or little rewards (especially those that don’t involve food likes ours did, ha), is a great way to make grocery shopping just a little more fun and hopefully cut down on your bill.

Do you have any tips and tricks for keeping your grocery budget low? Comment below!


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